The ideal of FTSY in today’s buying and selling market

FANTASY was started with the goal of building a global sharing economy platform. It allows users to interact directly through peer-to-peer (P2P) users who are core partners.

This allows users to trade services and products directly without intermediaries.

Currently, this trading activity is being used widely in many countries and is really a vibrant market.

In order to promote second hand (direct purchase) overseas business in the future,

FTSY is opening and activating the NFT market, allowing the use of Fantasy Coin to buy and sell transactions in the form of P2P.

Connecting the global market

FANTASY was started with the goal of establishing a global sharing economy platform. Such transactions are possible in a blockchain-based ecosystem.

FANTASY allows community participants to interact directly with each other through P2P on the FANTASY platform. This will allow users to trade services and products directly without the need for intermediaries that exist in traditional markets.

Building on the ideal of forming an ecosystem in which buyers and sellers jointly participate in an open economic market, with no restrictions on buying and selling products or prices, FTSY creates a blockchain ecosystem that deals with such transactions very smoothly. Create direct interaction between buyers and sellers, not limited by geographical distance or language.

Based on the successes and ideals of the giants in this global sharing economy, combined with the advantages of the crypto platform, FTSY has the ideal of an economy that emphasizes ownership, for rent or borrow between the two parties. With the current market trend, this economy promises to develop very quickly in the future.

P2P Payment Methods

A peer-to-peer network or Peer to Peer (P2P) is a system of computers that connect to each other via the Internet, and share data without a central server. Peer-to-peer computer networks use a distributed (decentralized) structure. In other words, FTSY uses a P2P network, eliminating the distinction between server and client in transactions.

In the cryptocurrency industry, the term P2P usually refers to the trading of cryptocurrencies or digital assets through a decentralized network, specifically FTSY here.

With the P2P mechanism, FTSY helps parties use it to mediate data sharing. When you want to find and buy/sell a certain product, you can send a search request to the device.

Thus, here, FTSY is the means to conduct P2P transactions between buyers and sellers on the exchange. Besides, FTSY is also the token used to make the transaction fee. Please note, this is a direct transaction between the buyer and the seller, you do not have to spend any extra money for the 3rd party. Therefore, FTSY benefits both the buyer and the seller.

FTSY has solved the problems that users doubt about a new way of working. One is to reduce service fees, which are currently too high in the current sharing market economy. Second, giving users more options and creating competition, eliminating the monopoly position of the big players in the current market. Third, remove the monopoly position in fixed product groups, and promote community benefits.



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FANTASY is a blockchain-based sharing platform for P2P asset trading