Ideal blockchain environment FTSY implements for market and customers

3 min readFeb 22, 2022


FANTASY allows community participants to interact directly with each other through P2P on the FANTASY platform. This will allow users to trade services and products directly without the need for intermediaries that exist in traditional markets. Such transactions are possible in a blockchain-based ecosystem.

FANTASY was started with the goal of establishing a global sharing economy platform. FANTASY is owned by transaction based, shared facilities, such as common accommodation to share economic goals of the market ecosystem can build buyers and sellers buy and sell the portion of goods and services to which they must participate.

The market is demanding a new type of peer-to-peer (P2P) transaction. This stems from potential problems within the market.

FTSY was born to help create a highly competitive market, while also creating benefits for both sellers and buyers in the transaction process.

Competitive market

FANTASY is a blockchain-based decentralized P2P marketplace that connects sellers and buyers directly. FANTASY is not a centralized platform operated by intermediaries like Uber, Grab, Airbnb, GoJek and Amazon, but building an efficient ecosystem where buyers and sellers around the world can directly translate to each other by means of P2P. This will allow users to trade services and products directly without the need for intermediaries that exist in traditional markets. Around 15–30% of commissions generated in the current sharing economy market can be reduced.

Developed under the sharing economy, FTSY refers to economic activities by acknowledging that goods are rented and borrowed from each other, not owned. Is a form of consumption that makes the most of resources by sharing with others and increasing efficiency from the owner’s point of view so that buyers can use them cheaply.

Thanks to the impact FTSY creates with the world’s common market, it will help solve 3 common problems of the current economy:

Firstly, today’s sharing economy market charges too high a service fee.

Second, traditional centralized platform companies like Uber and Airbnb are capitalizing on their bias.

Third, firms that monopolize different product groups in sharing economy markets impede innovation by preventing competitors from entering the market.

Benefits for the community and the environment

To achieve the above goal, Fantasy Chainlabs invented FANTASY, a blockchain-based shared platform for peer-to-peer asset trading. FANTASY will be used as a shared trading medium, shared accommodation, buyers and sellers in the sharing economy, aiming to build an ecosystem to trade goods and services with one-on-one participation. their part. Buyers and sellers can get rewards and incentives as they join, contribute and expand the FANTASY Ecosystem. FANTASY is an innovation for the future, where the more diverse products and goods and services of the current sharing economy are traded on a platform built on a shared database.

FANTASY provides multi-purpose reward incentives for developers, market operators, buyers and sellers to drive ecosystem expansion. Participants in the FANTASY ecosystem can earn rewards by inviting new users to the market, participating in deals, promoting published products or building new applications.




FANTASY is a blockchain-based sharing platform for P2P asset trading