FTSY’s achievements in the past 3 phases

3 min readFeb 10, 2022


Fantasy builds a global NFT exchange, by integrating cutting-edge technology into its know-how and experience in the field. NFT (Non-Fungible Token) has emerged as a new financial technology concept. The marketplace FTSY created allows freedom to buy, sell, auction and create NFT-based digital art and collections.

With FTSY, Fantasy Token allows users to use a secure payment system through virtual assets in transactions at any time. According to the planned roadmap, FTSY has gone through 3 phases and is currently implementing phase 4.

Over the past year, FTSY has formulated a plan based on careful consideration of market realities and user needs. Thanks to the process of trying to achieve the goal without stopping, through each stage from phase 1 to phase 3, FTSY has stepped up, from building a solid foundation to developing outstandingly.


From the original idea of dedication to the world market, FTSY took the first steps on the journey to build an extremely potential NFT market. During this phase, FTSY focuses on service implementation. It can be said that thanks to these well-researched initial steps, FTSY has a premise for strong development afterwards.

First, FTSY completes the concept and beta-tests and commercializes them. After thinking about it, FTSY looks for teammates to create success together. The team members are all talented and experienced in the crypto field. The most special thing in phase 1 is the release of the whitepaper 1.0 ver.


This is the period when FTSY must operate at full capacity to carry out the fundamental construction of new technologies, platforms and markets. If Phase 1 is the foundational process, then phase 2 will signal the beginning.

Phase 2 takes place in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2021. From a few points to supplement the whitepaper 1.0 ver, FTSY has released the whitepaper 1.1 ver with full content and better orientation on development and vision.

Defining the first market as Korea, FTSY launched the FANTASY Wallet then completed the release of the official version of the smartphone purchase service in Korea. The FTSY team continued to work on completing the full version of the online shopping mall and launching it shortly after.

The Korean market has received FTSY very warmly. Overcome with victory, Offer Wall Advertising Service full version continues to enter the market.

This is also a remarkable period as FTSY has begun to develop the global NFT market. The first tokens will be sold in the third quarter of 2021.


Phase 3 takes place in Q4 2021, which is the release phase of FTSY. In this period, FTSY has added a potential new market, which is Vietnam. Launching the full version of ChoNoi, a shopping service app in Vietnam. After that, the trial version of the accommodation service is expected to be released in Korea and Vietnam.

In particular, Fantasy has launched Fantasy Art — the NFT marketplace on the GLOBAL range. Launch of FANART Token — FTSY’s DAO token is also a special event of Phase 3. Moreover, FTSY’s trading field has been expanded, adding webtoon transactions in Korea and Vietnam.




FANTASY is a blockchain-based sharing platform for P2P asset trading