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FANTASY is a blockchain-based sharing platform for P2P asset trading. Currently, FANTASY is operating effectively in the Korean and Vietnamese markets, has a plan to open the US market and has a global vision.

Transactions on FANTASY are carried out in a blockchain-based ecosystem that allows community participants to interact directly with each other via P2P. What makes it possible to transact is to trade directly without the need for intermediaries that are familiar in the traditional market.

The marketplace FANTASY created allows users to eliminate unnecessary fees for third parties, increasing profits for buyers and sellers. This is a new breakthrough development of the current world market, where the monopoly position has got a very solid foundation and is hard to shake. The birth of a sharing market – FANTASY will remove that monopoly, helping to bring billions of dollars in profits from the hands of “big sharks” to buyers and sellers in peer-to-peer transactions. FANTASY promises to create a big positive macro change for the global trading platform.

On the occasion of the new year, to thank the companions who have pioneered side by side, FANTASY organizes an airdrop event. Besides, we also hope that this airdrop event can help FANTASY spread influence and recognition to more markets, actively contributing to our globalization plan.

Join the first FANTASY airdrop event to win FTSY tokens with a total prize of up to 2500 USDT.

The first FTSY airdrop event

Specific Prize Allocation:

  • Total Prize: 66.000–80.000 token ftsy
  • - Referral rewards:
  • + Top 1: $20 in FTSY
  • + Top 2–10: $10 in FTSY
  • + Top 11–50: $6 in FTSY
  • + Top 51–100: $4 in FTSY
  • + The remaining 900 lucky users get $2 tokens each
  • - Total winners: 1000 users
  • - Start date: 22/02/2022
  • - End date: 03/03/2022
  • Game Rules:
  • Nine steps to receive entries in FTSY ‘s Airdrop.
  • Requirements to entry FTSY ‘s Airdrop (Airdrop Bot)
  • STEP 1: Enter your KaiKas Wallet Address (+5 Entries)
  • STEP 2: Follow FTSY. on Twitter (+5 Entries)
  • STEP 3: Retweet FTSY. on Twitter (+5 Entries)
  • STEP 4: Join FTSY. Announcement on Telegram (+5 Entries)
  • STEP 5: Join FTSY. Community on Telegram (+5 Entries)
  • STEP 7: Join FTSY. Community on Discord (+5 Entries)
  • STEP 8: Refer more than 5 friends to get extra entries (+10 Entries)
  • STEP 9: Join FTSY. Community on Medium (+5 Entries) (Optional)

Start by logging in and complete as many of the steps above as you can. The more entries you have, the more chances you have of getting a prize.

The event is only for 10 days, JOIN NOW!

Good luck everyone!




FANTASY is a blockchain-based sharing platform for P2P asset trading